Half Off Depot - Half-off Depot should be called Rip-off Depot

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Really wish I'd seen the bad reviews before doing "business" with Half-off Depot (now called Ncrowd after a merger).A lot of customers complain about companies not honoring vouchers from HOD but it's because the merchants NEVER GET PAID!

Would you work for free? Probably not. I never turned away HOD customers like some of my colleagues but I sure wish I had. Three months since last doing business with them and still owed money for services long ago rendered.

If merchants refuse to do service with them, they will be forced to shut down this dishonest operation.

New/struggling businesses, there's always Groupon and LivingSocial.They will actually pay you!

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Half Off Depot - HalfOff Depot is a scam company! Beware!!

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Watch out for Spam emails from HalfOff Depot.I ordered a keychain breathalyzer from the add.

A month later it never came, so I emailed them. They ignored me. Three weeks later I emailed again. They put a credit in my new HalfOff Depot account for the purchase price with no explanation.

I told them I wanted what I purchased or a refund. They then said that the company with the product informed them they could no longer deliver the product. They refused a refund. I told them that I don't want a credit due to my experience and waste of time, and they said no.

What an absolute ripoff!

I googled them and it looks like many other are having the same experience.

I'm thankful for credit card companies that can chargeback on *** ripoff artists like HalfOff Depot.It makes you appreciate honest companies like Groupon.

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